Abroad-based kindhearted man stops giveaway, accused of doing money rituals (See Details)

March 3rd, 2022

A South African based Nigerian man who often does giveaways on Twitter has stopped the kind act after a hefty allegation was leveled against him.

He revealed that an influencer accused him of using the giveaway to steal people’s destinies and do money rituals.

According to the man identified as @TheHN1C, it was because of said allegation that he decided to stop the online giveaways.

He shared a screenshot of a message the influencer sent to someone, telling the person not to collect money from him because there’s a diabolic motive.

@TheHN1C wrote; ”Bruh. I stopped giving away wen one popular influencer here said he pities people receiving money from me, that’s its ritual money I’m giving out. Na why I stop.”

He added; ”Y’all think I’m lying? I have so many receipts. Lol”

See screenshot below:


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