Alisa was born on April 5th, 1995 in the city of Vladivostok, which is located in Russia. She is a model as well as a Russian athlete who competes in volleyball. Alisa Manyonok, a former volleyball player who has since transitioned into a modeling career, won the Supermodel International competition in 2016. She was also given the title of Top Model of Russia in 2015. After being crowned Miss Primorye in 2013, Manyonok, who was a potential prospect on Vladivostok’s club squad, decided to pursue a career in modeling instead.

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In addition to having more than ten thousand people follow her on Instagram, Alisa Manyonok has been recognized with the titles of Miss Talent and Miss Gorgeous Body. Alisa and her brother spent their childhood in the Russian city of Vladivostok. Alisa Pimeonva and her sister Kristina Pimeonva are both well-known supermodels in Russia.

If we continue talking about how old Alisa is, then we should note that she is 27 years old as of right now.

There is no information available to indicate whether or not is involved in a romantic relationship with anyone. Regarding this matter, we are looking for more information. Whenever any new information emerges on her romantic history, we will be sure to include it on this page for you.

Do you too have an interest in learning about how much money Alisa has? If the answer is yes, then we are going to discuss the specifics of it below. It is reported that her annual revenue is $5 million, which contributes to her net worth. Nonetheless, one may argue that it is merely an estimate. Manyonok was able to amass a considerable fortune thanks to their successful profession. But, we are unable to make any assertions concerning the Net worth of Manyonok at this time.

Her father was a champion swimmer in pool Manyonok and won two European championships during his career.
Her mother was a member of the Russian national basketball team, the Manyonok KGU.
Before becoming a volleyball competitor, She elaborated an outdoor sport for 11 years.
She brought it to the attention of the Primorye Volleyball Club.
She has a number of children that have triumphed in beauty pageants.
Alisa Manyonok Beauty contest
Supermodel International Miss Talent 2013 Miss Primor’ye 2013 Miss Beautiful Body 2013 Miss Beautiful Body 2013 Supermodel International
2015’s Top Model of the World from Russia was crowned Miss Tatarstan.
Alisa Manyonok