A video making the rounds on social media captures a group of secondary school students consuming alcohol with reckless abandon.

The Ghanaian senior high school girls visited a bar in their uniforms and ordered a variety of alcoholic drinks, particularly beer.

They could be seen chatting, laughing and drinking during what is believed to be school hours and it generated outrage on the internet.

Many netizens wondered what the younger generation are learning and what the society is turning to as social vices are on the increase among minors.

See the video below:

mandriculous; Thank God there were no cell phones and social media when some of us went to school

richie_xx_; This free shs thing Na problem. I don’t think they’ll do this if they were paying school fees 💔

mrjune_official; Aahhh wait oo,are these the future leaders or some other batch dey somewhere…. cos eeeiiiijj

daceboateng; Masa everyone lived bad life in high school ooo. We’re in social media world now thats why ooo Now that you’re old you dont want the youth to enjoy some why ???

obaaydufie; Hmm at this stages of their lives Smirnoff Ice, Shandy and Savannah… then when they score 35 and above parents will be shouting and upset with the school.

sandygabbygaisie; Who even sold the drinks to them? Shouldn’t you be 18 in order for drinks to be sold to you.

nhanha_ama_dhymond_; Then I’ll see my sister or daughter inside omg you’ll come home to meet me lord have mercy on this generation

emmanigh; As I always preach these people have finally succeeded in destroying the future of the youth in Ghana 🇬🇭, why am I saying this? when a child is not disciplined or punished he/she goes the wrong way and look at what we are seeing in our senior high schools no discipline.

Students think they are equal with their teachers, students think if you punish me it against the law of the country so we are left to do what we want but my brother even in the whites land they punish students when they do wrong take them through counciling for them to know right and wrong , here who is taking you through counceling? Me or your parents? It’s soo sad and I am afraid on the path we are going as a country I must tell you.