Bello El-Rufai, who is 32 years old, is one of the sons of Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of the state of Kaduna. His mother, Hadiza El-Rufai, is a novelist. Her first book, titled Abundance of Scorpions, focuses on the difficult decisions that a woman in Nigerian culture is forced to make. She is 59 years old. One of these ladies is @thanos zer’s mom, so keep an eye out for her!

It’s possible that ad hominem arguments are Bello’s go-to defense strategy whenever he’s under pressure. As a response to those who teased him about the arrest of a former senator who represented the Kaduna Central Senatorial district, Shehu Sani, for alleged extortion by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, he once tweeted, “I was trained to destroy my opponents.” This was in response to the fact that Shehu Sani had been arrested (EFCC).

As a result of Bello, a Northerner, making it a point to repeatedly reference Nigerians and leaders from the south, the Easter Sunday debacle also alluded to a deeply-rooted bad blood between the Northerners and the Southerners. This was evidenced by the fact that Bello made it a point to consistently reference Southerners. In one of these messages, he remarked something along the lines of “all worthless leaders in the Southeast you urchins want to disregard,” and in another, he branded the family of a Twitter user “Ndi stupid.” The term “people” in the Igbo language is ndi.

In a country where religious, ethnic, and political attitudes so readily descend into offline violence, such utterances are hazardous and should be avoided. Someone who is in close proximity to authority should have a greater sense of responsibility, hence one would anticipate better behavior from them. In point of fact, sentiments like these are diametrically opposed to the stance that his mother took in an interview with Brittle Paper.

By the time that this article was written, he had already reached the age of 32.

This past Easter weekend, Kamilah and Bello tied the knot in both Kaduna and Harrow Park, which is located in Abuja. Maryam Babangida is the groom’s aunt, while the groom’s father is Nasir El-Rufai. Maryam is also the bride’s uncle.

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