Born-again woman seeks advise on whether to tell her husband who’s in the army that she cheated on him for years

March 7th, 2022

A woman who has become born again is torn over her past unfaithfulness to her husband who is a military man.

She wants to confess to him about how she cheated for years while he was away on deployment, but she is confused on whether it is the right thing to do.

Her story was shared online by her husband’s friend who said that she confided in him and sought his counsel on the matter.

He wrote; ”My friend’s wife cheated on him for years bcos he always travel for military operations. She was getting premium knacks from a man she met on a transit.

She’s born again & asked me whether she should tell her man bcos guilty conscious is disturbing her.

What do you advice?”

@OyaziDavid; She already broke the home, he just doesn’t know it. She has to say something now b4 he finds out from someone else. He might still decide to stay u can never tell but omo chances are very low on that

@treatpworld; The home is broken already. But wait, did she seek our opinion before knacking the transit man? Make she follow her heart. Marrying a military man or a man who is always not available is not easy, not for the weak. Plenty self control & discipline.

@chairmandike·13hReplying to @___communicatorWhatever she does is solely her choice, no one should tell her wat to do.. she didn’t ask anyone bfor knacking

@PapaKing73; Comot hand for army man matter… When she go knack she no need any advice.. and you why she confide in you? Abi na you be the conductor for the bus?

@nexteraner; No she shouldn’t. because the man may not be able to take it. and that may end the marriage. As much as she knows she have changed of a true. God have forgiven her. it the Devil that is reminding her of her past that’s why the guilty conscience, she must be strong in the faith


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