Emmanuel “Boybits” Victoria, who was born on May 10, 1971 and died on March 1, 2023, experienced heart arrest on Wednesday evening and went suddenly as a result.

He was 50.

In the immediate aftermath of his father’s demise, son Nathan Victoria, who is dedicated to both studying and playing for College of Saint Benilde, composed a moving homage to his father.

“You have nothing else to do but watch me develop into the person I’m destined to be, so get some rest, old man,” she said to her father. Will never stop devoting my life to serving you in every manner.”

Swift chose Boybits, a product of San Beda from grade school all the way through college, with the third overall choice in the Philippine Basketball Association Draft in 1994.

He triumphed against a stacked field that was led by Noli Locsin to take home the title of Rookie of the Year. The 1995 All-Filipino Cup and the 1995 Commissioner’s Cup were both won by Swift with Victoria’s assistance.

In 2001, Victoria called an end to his professional career in San Miguel.

Since then, Victoria has continued her career in sports, transitioning into the roles of commentator and coach.

He is survived by his wife Cielo and his daughter Ciaz, in addition to his son Nathan.

It has not been established how the person who has passed away passed away at the time that this obituary was written; therefore, the cause of death has not been published. During this challenging time, know that you are in each of our thoughts. We pray that God will give those who are grieving your death the strength and courage they need, for there is no feeling more agonizing than losing someone close to us under such awful circumstances. We hope that God will offer strength and courage to those who are grieving your loss.

The death notice for Emmanuel Victoria has not yet been published. During this trying time, our thoughts and prayers are with our family and friends. Nonetheless, we regret to report that no new information regarding the deceased person’s funeral preparations has been sent to us as of yet.