Following the hardship the CBN might have caused the Nigerian Youth, The protest has been extended to major places in the city of Abeokuta.
According to reports protesters are currently burning tyres on major roads at Panseke, Sapon and Oke-llewo area of the capital

The News getting to us now is about a Riot going on everywhere in Abéökúta in the area of Sapon, Asero, Adatan, Oke Shokori as everyone already closing shop.

Moving close to pansheke, Onikolobo axis. We urged everyone to Stay safe everyone. if you’re currently inside the school get information before leaving.

There is riot currently happening in major areas in Abeokuta.

The attack is directed towards major commercial banks, there is no casualty recorded.

Students living in Onikolobo, Panseke, Omida, Sapon and other places aside the known students areas are advised to be watchful and take extra caution.

We also advise the masses in reporting of riot issues not to exaggerate the incident so as not to insight fear in the students.