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February 22nd, 2022

The anger of our youths presently making the rounds about some youths attacking banks somewhere in Enugu State. On further probing, the video was discovered to be one of several recorded during the EndSARS protest, but now being recycled as current.

Watching the video is enough to put any right thinking Nigerian on red alert. The question is: Are our leaders watching this? A country that cannot educate and feed its youth is a time bomb. What are we doing about it? It is the shame of our country, of a society, whose people have become thoroughly debased to the extent of losing their essence.

It is two days to our 61st independence anniversary; how have we fared? The simple truth is that we have fared very badly; it is for us to collectively think out solutions. So far, we have taken recourse to the easy way out, and this is plunging us further into the abyss. People who can afford it are busy sending their children abroad for further education and greener pastures.

We are adding to the human capital wealth of other nations, while ours remain depleted. What will happen to this country if we all decide to remain and face the challenges together?

What happens if the president, ministers, National Assembly members, state governors, legislators and others decide to make their children to compulsorily school in Nigeria? What will happen if all of us collectively decide that we will only go on public power supply, irrespective of positions in society?

What will happen if we all decide that we must only use petrol refined from crude oil here in Nigeria and impose ban on imported petroleum products? What will happen if we abstain from avoidable imported ostentatious consumables that add no value to our collective well-being?

What will happen if our beverage production depend on the cocoa and tea plants harvested in Nigeria? What will happen if our textile products have to depend on local raw materials? Is anyone thinking about this?

What will happen if our engineers and researchers in every discipline are challenged to produce results? Some will argue that all of these are in the impossible realm. Initially, we may experience strong resistance, especially from people already benefitting from the old ways of doing things.

It might be tough and hard but not tougher than what we will face if we do not rethink our strategies. In the long run, if we stay focused the whole country stands to benefit. The pain will come before the benefit and our future; in fact, that of the upcoming generations will be guaranteed.

We will not be the first to try this method as we have seen the examples of India and China, both countries that are now very advanced in technology, competing favourably with first world countries. The issue, however, will be on how we can overcome the obstacles of saboteurs?

A wise man once said that “examples are the best teachers”; people follow the examples of their leaders, as you cannot be preaching prudence in spending and at the same time be engaged in conspicuous consumption.


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