Daniel “Dino” Melaye, a politician and actor from Nigeria who represents the Kogi West Senatorial constituency in the eighth National Assembly, was born on January 1, 1974. Dino Melaye participated actively in the student union while a first-year geography student at Ahmadu Bello University.

Later, he served as the president of the Commonwealth Youth Council, the African Youth Council, and the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS). Then-President Olusegun Obasanjo went on to appoint him as the Head of the Presidential Advisory Council on Youth.

As he is fondly called, “Dino,” he was well-known for his vehement opposition to the Goodluck Jonathan administration. Under the All Progressive Congress’s platform, he served in the House of Representatives. The Kogi Senate West district was his to win in 2015.

In his contentious campaign that resulted in his election as Senate President, he seconded the nomination of Senator Bukola Saraki. According to Dino Melaye’s Instagram account, he enjoys drinking champagne, driving expensive automobiles, and wearing brand clothing.

Dino Melaye first became involved in politics during his university years, when he actively participated in students’ unionism. But, he developed an interest in partisan politics while in the late 1990s, Brig Gen Mohammed Buba Marwa, who was the military administrator of Lagos, was followed.

It wasn’t until 2007 when the House of Representatives seat was designated to the Gbede district of the Ijumu Local Government Area of Kogi State that Daniel Dino Melaye became mostly unknown to his constituents, who had just begun to experience the new democratic framework in 1999.

Political positions are allocated and rotated among different districts in the Okun political community, particularly in the People’s Democratic Party. Because of this, Chief Abiodun Ojo was elected in the Ijumu district of the Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal constituency between 1999 and 2003.

Duro Meseko emerged as the top choice in the Bunu district between 2003 and 2007. Dino replaced him as the district representative for Gbede in Ijumu after a lot of political maneuvering between 2007 and 2011.

Nevertheless, the Kabba district, which was supposed to produce the next candidate, rose against Dino in 2011 when he protested the zoning system that had propelled him to power. As a result, he lost to Tajudeen Yusuf, a former student union president at the University of Jos.

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On January 1st, 1974, Dino Melaye was born in the city of Kano. He earned his degree in geography from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, in 2000.

He was the president of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), and he later held the positions of secretary general of the Commonwealth Youth Council and the African Youth Council. To lead the Presidential Advisory Council on Youths, President Olusegun Obasanjo selected him.

Dino Melaye sided with then-governor Ibrahim Idris against Prince Abubakar Audu in the 2008 rerun of the governorship election (now late).

He was accused of visiting the INEC headquarters to obtain photocopies of the documents Audu, an ANPP governorship candidate at the time, had submitted, and of accusing Audu of not having a secondary school diploma.

Yet, he expressed regret to the late Audu and promised to cooperate with him. Dino lost the House of Representatives election against PDP candidate Tajudeen Yusuf, but Audu was reported to have forgave him, appointed him the ANPP candidate, and supported his campaigning.

Dino Melaye claimed that the PDP candidate had an advantage in the election, and for several days he gathered several youngsters to the INEC office in Lokoja to demonstrate and demand that the results be thrown out.

Between then and the state’s 2015 election, which groped in political obscurity, he spearheaded a crusade of investigations into Ibrahim Idris, the state’s recently-resigned former governor, as part of an anti-corruption drive.

Dino served in the Nigerian House of Representatives and vocally attacked President Jonathan Goodluck, branding his administration as the most corrupt in the country.

He won the Kogi West Senatorial District in the 2015 senatorial election, becoming a senator for Nigeria. His constituents later chose him again to serve in the 9th Senate.

Following a nomination by Senator Ahmad Sani Yerima, he seconded the nomination of Senator Bukola Saraki as a contender for the position of Senate President.

Dino stuck with the ANPP until the party united with other major parties to become the All Progressives Congress, despite not being successful in achieving his re-election campaign on the platform.

Long-term benefits came from his reconciliation with the late Audu, who was one of the party’s arrowheads in the state. After controversially becoming the APC candidate, he ran for the Kogi West Senate seat and defeated Smart Adeyemi of the PDP.

Political observers had written off Dino before the election because they thought the PDP had a strong candidate in Smart Adeyemi, who was running for a third term.

However, the Buhari Tsunami gave Dino, who had already lost the five local government areas in his native Okun land and was in a distant third place, an advantage over the PDP candidate as votes from Lokoja/Kogi handed him a surprise victory.Awards & Recognitions

Dino Melaye has won several awards, including;

  • ‘Best Honourable Representative of the Year’ by Global Youth Awareness and Development Initiative
  • ‘Protector of the Youth P.D.P National Youth Vanguard’
  • ‘Epitome of Servant’ by National Association of Kogi State Students
  • ‘Youth Libra for Award’ by the Visioners Club of Kogi State
  • ‘Great Motivator of Students’ by Nigerian Economic Student Association
  • ‘Icon of Good Leadership’ by Kogi Peoples Forum
  • ‘2008 Diplomatic Member of the year’ by St. Monica’s College Kabba and
  • ‘The most performed National Legislator’ by Vision 2020 Youth Group.
  • ‘Most vibrant Honourable member’
  • ‘Abuja merit Awards African Parliamentarian of the year 2005 in the U.S.A.’
  • ‘Melaye also won the ‘Senator of the year’ award in 2017 and 2018.

Dino Melaye, a former senator from Nigeria’s 8th parliament, is thought to be worth N12 billion. A Bugatti Veyron, worth $1.7 million (N616 million), a Lamborghini Gallardo, N73 million, N8.7 million Polaris Slingshot, N145 million vintage Rolls Royce, N29 million Porsche Panamera, N55 million Range Rover, N60 million Mercedes G-Wagon, N90 million Bentley Continental, N44 million Chevrolet Corvette, N100 million Ferrari, and N100 million worth of other vehicles are among Dino Melaye’s fleet