To escape poverty I have to make, sells pizza from my wooden shack in the village (Man Shares)

March 23rd, 2022

A South African man’s story is inspiring many never to feel let down by their situation but rather to find ways to improve their standard of living no matter how small or simple they start.

Themba Limekhaya lives in a small wooden shack at Orange farm in Vaal, South Africa where he makes and sells Pizza for  living.

In an chat with Kasi Economy, the young man said he is selling the snack in order for him to escape poverty and he expressed optimism that his hard work will pay off some day.

Alongside his story, photos of a variety of pizza Themba made were shared on the internet by Kasi Economy and stirred mixed reactions.

@Yourdailypolit1 said; Black successful businesses can u please support this guy

@DJKenRSA; Looks so good. He’s also generous with toppings i see. We’re worlds apart unfortunately. I can only wish him well.

@Lin35756121; He must show his kitchen inside his shack. What water does he use?

@Godfrey76918097; Escaping poverty is not one of the many reasons entrepreneurs get unto business. Change that lousy narrative

@not_a_regular; There’s something about pizza n fine background and environment. They go hand in hand. Just my thoughts.


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