A Nigerian man created a scene after catching his girlfriend in the act of hiding a what is believed to be a love charm inside his car.

In a video posted on social media, the guy could be seen confronting his babe after he saw her putting the fettish substance under the car seat.

He asked her what she was doing and she began to plead for him to take things easy that she did not mean him any harm.

Drama as Nigerian man catches girlfriend hiding juju inside his car (Video) - hide juju boyfriend car

The guy told his babe to remove the small calabash covered with red clothe, from the driver’s corner which was where she was placing it before the moment he caught her red-handed.

She knelt down and explained that it was just a charm she wanted to use to make him buy a car for her. The confrontation got so intense that his friends had to get involved.

He eventually sent her out of his place and expressed worry about whether he could still sleep at his place peacefully or drive out the car without any issues given what she did.

Watch the video below:


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