Akara business may look common to some people but it is putting food on some people’s tables, fattening bank accounts, buying properties and sponsoring person’s in school. A woman I know in Ibadan Oyo State who is into akara business sponsor her own children are in one of the best private schools. Whereas some people with tie on their neck in an air condition office cannot boast of tire.

If I say akara business is lucrative it is not an exaggeration. If you go to where akara is sold especially early in the morning, you will see a long queue waiting to be served. Sometimes the akara may not reach every body. Assuming you sold akara that is worth #10,000 in a day your gain should be about #4,000 on more. It therefore means in a month you can be earning up to #200,000 or more. Now is akara business lucrative or not? You can keep the answer to yourself.

Akara business is something you can easily put together, it does not require special skill. However, you have to master the art of producing delicious akara that will increase the number of buyers. The procedure given in this post will help you achieve that.

Location of the business: It should be
A very busy road
School or Institutions environment
A junction that has many route,
Close to residential or commercial centre.

Easily Located Spot/Place: If you run your Akara business inside you may end up eating them with your family except you are supplying. A place that doesn’t have plenty competitors is ideal.

Determine your customers population: you have to factor this into your plans so that you will not produce more than you can sell. Akara will not be as delicious as it was the next day. Instead of it to remain rather let it not be enough. But make sure you put your customers into consideration. If they keep coming without having to buy,; they will look for another place.

Know when to produce: Akara business is early morning or evening business. Your akara should be ready as early as 6am if you start preparing it later in the day the sales will not be like that of morning or evening.

Specific Ingredients needed for a perfect Bean Cake: It is not every beans that should be used in preparing Akara. Find out which is the best and buy that for use but the black eye beans is preferred. Another beans type to use is the brown beans.

1. Select the beans and remove stones, sticks, chaff etc.
2. Soak the beans in water allow the water to cover the beans. So that the beans can absorb the water and swell for the coat to peel off easily
Scrub the beans to remove the coat with your hands but since it is on commercial basis in other to be fast pour the beans in a mortar and use pestle to scrub off the coat.
3. Use plenty water to wash the peeled coat off, you can sundry the peel and sell to livestock farmers.
4. Use little water to grind the beans or carry it to commercial grinders to grind for you if you do not have the machine.
5. Put a pot of oil on a low heat fire
Cut a portion of the ground beans into mortar (enough to fry at once) and turn in a circular motion with pestle until it becomes light
Add pepper, crayfish, onion and salt into it and turn.
6. Make the oil to be hot but not too hot
Use your hand to be cutting the beans purée into the oil according to the size your desire. But in other for your Akara balls to be in uniform you can use a small spherical spoon to be cutting the purée into the oil.
7. Use long iron spoon to turn the Akara to the other side if one side is brown
Remove the Akara from the oil when both sides are brown.
8. Put them in a sieve for the oil to drain.