Dr. Gogo Maweni is a well-known figure in South African society, holding positions as a consultant, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and television personality. Maweni has admitted in the past that she is capable of witchcraft and that she practices it. It is also said that she used her witchcraft abilities to bewitch her baby daddies when they failed to pay child support. Maweni is well-known for both her extravagant way of life and her successful herbal companies. She also sells jewelry under the name Maweni Chakra Online, which is the name of her herbal store. Maweni appears to be a gobela at Impande Ye Zulu, at least according to her Facebook profile. She has also become well-known for her appearances in a number of television shows in South Africa.

The general public does not have access to information on Gogo Maweni’s precise age. However, she is thought to have been born between 1988 and 1992 in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa.

Gogo Maweni is continuously boasting about the fact that she is the mother of children by famous people in South Africa. Her biological fathers are actors SK Khoza and Siyabonga Zulu, who played for Mamelodi Sundowns in the past. She had a warrant issued for Zulu’s arrest at one point because he had failed to pay her the child support that she was owed. In addition, she gained notoriety for the same reason by getting into a brawl with Khoza’s fiancée, Morna Phatudi. Both in private and in public, he and the latter have butted heads. At one point, she asserted that she was responsible for his fall from grace. She had written at the time, “I don’t have any baby daddy difficulties; all issues were settled in my nduba.” The conclusion was that they would be left with nothing. Do the arithmetic and see that if my children don’t eat, then no one does!

At one point, she was held responsible after it was discovered that a video of Khoza losing his mind had been posted online. She disclosed this information to the world through her publicist, Simphiwe Majola, and stated that she was not to blame for whatever transpired with him. Majola said,

“All she did was put everything in the hands of her ancestors and in God’s hands,” the narrator says. She stated that she is not to blame for whatever it is that Khoza is experiencing and that she is not accountable for it. She eventually grew weary of pursuing him in order to protect his son, and as a result, she surrendered all of her concerns to God and her ancestors.

It is commonly known that Gogo Maweni has a strong affection for snakes. She has demonstrated in a number of images that can be found on the internet that she has snakes living in her house. She revealed that she shares the same enthusiasm for snakes as her offspring. She claims that they are her other children that she had previously. Maweni washes the snakes in a bathtub just as she would a regular person by using soap and water. Images of her home being overrun by snakes have gone viral on social media, shocking people all across Mzansi. In addition, the snakes are a component of the consulting firm that she runs.

Gogo Maweni is a contented wife, despite the fact that she has been the subject of a lot of baby daddy controversy on social media. Her husband’s name is Sabelo Magube, and he is a successful businessman. The pair dated for some time before finally getting married in a lovely ceremony after dating for some time. In addition to being an influential figure, Sabelo identifies himself as “the friendliest Zulu man in South Africa.” [Citation needed] Velabahleke events hire and Velabahleke Shuttle services are also under his ownership.

After graduating from St. Teresa High School, where she received her primary education, she went on to attend Manhattanville College and then The University of Johannesburg, as stated on her Facebook profile, indicating that she is a highly educated woman. After that, she attended The University of Johannesburg. Sangoma At the moment, Gogo Maweni is a well-known consultant and celebrity throughout the nation. The price of a consultation with Gogo Maweni is adjusted based on the requirements of the client at the given moment. However, she has provided a number that can be used to get in touch with her; the phone is 079-380-7478, or you can reach her over WhatsApp at 067-673-2903. According to the information provided by the sources, her father is an entrepreneur and her mother is a homemaker. It is also obvious that she comes from a family that lives together. In addition to this, she has ancestry from more than one ethnic group. Her posts on various social media platforms make this abundantly clear. She has also displayed photographs of her parents and grandparents as well as other members of her family. Snakes and owls populate Gogo Maweni’s home, and it is said that those who practice black magic should steer clear of these creatures because they pose a threat.

Her work as a consultant and doctor in South Africa is her principal occupation there. She offers consulting services and has made her WhatsApp number available to anyone who may have questions regarding consultation. In addition to that, she operates holistic and alternative health services. In addition to her work as a television personality, she is the founder of an online herbal store known as Gogo Maweni Chakra.