Heartbroken man recounts expensive stuffs he bought for his babe and he only bought cap for Himself

March 9th, 2022

A South African man has recounted how he spent money heavily on his woman only for her to still break up with him and leave his heart in pieces.

He appeared as a guest on Mzansi Wethu’s ”I Blew It” programme where he revealed that he showered his now ex-girlfriend with gifts.

According to the man, he bought a Toyota Conquest worth R30,000 for her as a way of showing that he would do anything to make her happy.

He also said that they once went shopping at Waterfall Mall in South Africa and he bought clothes for her to the tune of R13,000 whereas he only bought a cap for himself.

He noted that looking back at all he did and the fact that she still left him, he wishes that someone had knocked some sense into him at the time.


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