Man calls out his bank for deducting the last N4k in his account, sets to seize their printer

March 16th, 2022

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to lament over the incessant deductions from his account despite it being dormant.

He called out his bank on Twitter and revealed that he left over N4k in his account, but the bank has been deducting it over time till it reached zero Naira.

The man identified as @Basil_uka1 noted that he would become gossip topic if he decides to visit the branch to create a scene and walk away with their printing machine like a disgruntled customer recently did in Asaba, Delta state.

He shared a screenshot of the last deduction of N102.53 leaving nothing in the account.

”I left over 4K in this account, Access bank have been fingering my money until account balance is now 0:0. If I enter their nearest branch and collect their printer now, they will put me on instablog,” he wrote.

View his post:

Reacting, @ify_ndubesti; I wonder why they collect charges from account that is not in use. Is totally wrong!

@ChikodiNnamani; but HIDA actually attract charges, if you have minimum balance of 5k. Is your account officer fault. He/she should have notified you. Ndo🙏

@baltimoreGE; Well, be careful they will soon collect the 0 too, and you will be left with more 0. #9jabanksarerubbish

@diplosoft; Na Mumu dey keep money inside these “big banks”.

@onyiforlife; Why didn’t you withdraw 3,500 from your account and leave 5 hundred naira? Just look at what access bank did. This is not funny, all the Nigerian banks are thieves


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