If the My man wants me to make fufu at midnight, I’ll do it – Feminist

March 14th, 2022

A young lady has revealed one of the extents she would go to bring happiness to the life of a man she is in love with.

The woman who promotes feminism on microblogging site, Twitter, said that if he wants her to prepare pounded yam also known as fufu at midnight that she would be willing to do so.

According to the lady known as Thelmz, she would even be willing to wash for him and iron his clothes.

She stated this in reaction to another lady who said she loves submitting but it would have to be to the right man.

Thelmz wrote; ”I talk hot shit on Twitter but if a man I love asks me to make him fufu at midnight imma do it !

I will iron clothes ! And sweep your floors and wash your dishes baby 😂

I will pound actual yam , not the powder 🤣”


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