Jubilation as 50-year-old woman gives birth to twins eight years after first child

March 30th, 2022

The cries of new born babies has been heard in the home of a  Nigerian woman who reportedly welcomed a set of twins at the age of 50.

The good news was shared on microblogging platform, Twitter by her cousin, tech entrepreneur, Victor Asemota.

He revealed that his cousin delivered the kids eight year after having her first child.

Asemota went further to affirm the greatness of God nd science for the miracle.

He shared; ”My 50-year-old cousin just delivered a set of twins 8 years after her first child. Science and God are great!”

Social media users sent well wishes and congratulatory messages.

ruggedlaw wrote; Yes oo, I knew about this science and God combo when a certain Dr Asemota visited my church in Lagos with his crew, he said “we have gone beyond the question of whether you can have a child or not, the question is how many do you desire”!

@afrikanprince1; God is good . My aunt delivered a child at 56 . I didn’t believe it till I went to her baby shower and saw her heavily pregnant 😳

@AScully789; You’ll be shocked what science is up to now. Science has worked on cutting off a part of the ovulatory skin, freezing it, then decades later replanting it in any part of the body with blood flow. Within 3 months it begins to produce sex hormones and delays menopause by decades

@Kolizo2; Out of the greatness of God comes the relevance of science. God is uniquely great. Congratulations!


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