80-year-old grandma celebrates herself for bagging Masters degree

March 31st, 2022

A South African grandma has achieved her dream of bagging a Masters degree and she is being celebrated for her determination.

She graduated with a Masters in Business Administration, (MBA), shortly before her 80th birthday and joyfully donned her gown at the graduation ceremony.

The news of her graduation was shared on Twitter by her granddaughter who was excited as she posted a photo of the latest MBA holder in town.

”Grandmother is graduating! She did her MBA (Master of Business Administration) and is graduating just shy of her 80th birthday!!!

Never give up on your dreams”, the tweet reads.

See the post:

While some netizens congratulated her, others expressed mixed reservations over the importance of the qualification to her.

Reacting, @ADaniel26099125 said; #lifelonglearning is essential but at age 80 paying 1000s for an MBA or a degree 😲🙄🤔🤔Never underestimate the value of informal & nonformal learning. And reading books

@Siya_ZAR; Congratulations but damn that’s 1 hell of a wasteful expenditure. She is probably a Comrade this one 😭

@berthakobue; “She thought it could be done and she did it “. All hail the Queen 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

@Whatever777G; You need around R100k minimum to do an MBA and there is no grants for such a course. So don’t make people feel inferior for not having qualifications

@Dashofcool_; The Grandmother can still live for another 20 years, and till use her knowledge to inspire and teach 🙌, some people don’t even live beyond 30 years with their qualifications ,so is that a waste of time. some people are so insensitive 😑, and negative just in general.

@Randy_nzhula; Congratulations to her🔥🔥, I admire her courage. Studying requires balance, sacrifices,
and dedication. Considering her age it just makes everything so special and unique. Respect to granny💯 🎓🎓

@TshegoCyrus; One sad truth. No company will hire her. They be looking for young Active Potential employees nowadays 😓😭 unless she starts her own business

@Eemmanuel_UNA; Just a waste of money and energy no job she should have just started a business tuition money.


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