Lady laments as her date buys food himself and the friend she invited ony

March 22nd, 2022

A lady has reportedly had a bad experience after she went along with a friend to have lunch with her date.

The man decided to order food for himself and the friend she invited, thereby neglecting his date, and forcing her to complain bitterly.

The story was shared on social media by an eyewitness who was at the restaurant when the incident occurred.

Read the story below;

”So this happened at the restaurant I went yesterday.

Apparently, this guy was on a date with his babe then the babe invited her friend without informing the guy. Guess what happened, the guy ordered two plates of food, one for him and the other for his babe’s friend.

I was….close to them so I was eavesdropping their conversation. The girlfriend was lamenting about what the guy did but the guy still didn’t order her own food.”


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