Lady rants about a guy ghosting her after having nice dates only to find out he passed away

April 9th, 2022

A lady has shared a story of how her friend was furious about a guy because she thought he deliberately cut off all communications whereas a sad incident had occurred.

The narrator known on Twitter as @_ThefrontPaige, said her friend went on a rant about him ghosting her after going on a series of lovely dates, however it turned out that he passed away.

The lady was unaware of this and she only got to find out later that he had actually died a month ago when she decided to check his Facebook to find out why he just stopped reaching out to her.

”OMG one of my friends has been bitching for weeks about this dude who ghosted her after several excellent dates.

Turns out he died last month 🥴

Y’all she went on FB to “see what this nicca been up to that he don’t have 5 seconds to send a text” aaaand whole time he was in the ground,” the tweep wrote.

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