A Nigerian lady has taken to a public forum to solicit the opinion of social media users regarding her complicated relationship and an important decision she wants to make.

The 27-year-old woman known as Cynthia said she recently found out that her boyfriend is married and his family stays overseas.

According to her, after the discovery, her ex-boyfriend reached out to her asking that she visits him and spend the weekend with him during the election.

Cynthia, however, said that her married boyfriend also contacted her to visit him for the weekend and she is confused because she has been getting closer to her ex in recent days and she believes there’s a chance of having a future with him.

She said; “I need ur viewers take on this b4 I made a drastic decision pls, this coming weekend election I and my ex has been talking and I think there’s a chance something is still there btw us, have been visiting him 4 the past two Sundays, so I just ask him yesterday if we can be together at his place for the weekend and he gladly said yes.

Later at night my current boyfriend called me that I should come over on Friday so we could be together for the weekend as well, mind u this my current boyfriend is a liar bcoz I just get to know that he is married and his family are outside the country, he hide this so well for me but I have been having my doubt even b4 I get to know but we both loved each other and I know we don’t have a future together now.

But my ex is a single bachelor and I’m not over him yet. I need advice on who to go visit btw the two of them pls.”