Love matter don tire me, I dey find money – Young man laments to his brother who urged him to get married [Audio-visual]

March 23rd, 2022

A young man has been heard in leaked voice note lamenting while informing his elder brother on the reason he is not interested in getting married.

His brother had asked him when he would marry because their mother was really concerned and asking questions about his relationship status.

In the audio message which the younger brother sent via WhatsApp, the guy said he is tired of anything that has to do with love.

According to him, it is difficult for a guy to find true unconditional love in this modern era where  lot is expected from men. He explained that he is more focused on making money because no matter how a girl says she loves you, it ends up terribly if one is not able to provide.

The young man appealed to his elder brother to explain the situation to their mum because he is also a young man and understands what he is saying.

Listen to the audio below:


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