Man cancels wedding after his 29-year-old fiancée insisted on having expensive ceremony

March 3rd, 2022

A Nigerian Twitter user @Okenwaokodu, has shared a story of how a man was forced to cancel marriage plans due to the outrageous demands made by his fiancée.

According to the tweep, the lady, who is 29 years old wanted their wedding to be glamorous and attention-grabbing.

She insisted on having 20 bridesmaids who will wear the same asoebi, however, wanted her fiancé to bear the entire cost of the wedding.

Feeling overwhelmed by her demands, the ma decided to call of the wedding.

@Okenwaokodu wrote; ”Nna ehh, some ladies are just something else, she’s 29yrs yet want a very loud wedding but won’t bring a dime, your man told you there’s life after wedding but No, she wants 20 asoebi girls and bills on the man.

Man woke up overwhelmed and called off the wedding 😂.”

Read some comments..

@Ujunwaedu2; I like that. If you want 20 asoebi girl, then you must have your own money to cater for them. That’s how one borrowed 2m last month to squander on her wedding, after the wedding, she didn’t even make more than 500k. Now to repay the money she’s giving flimsy excuses😒

@burnt__dodo; If she was Yoruba, her family would fund most part of the wedding

@Yurickane; Too much instagram and bellanaija would lead many women astray las las

@AdebankeAyomide; Social media is their new standard, I pray it’s not too late before they realize social media is different from reality.

@maypride; The best decision that man can made for such empty barrel girl. The unnecessary pressure on men kills them fast than expected.

@kessy_Blue_; Throw her away na ,no be you go tell man how to spend his money

@i_iyanz; That’s better! Let her go and marry her 20 aso ebi girls😂😂 good riddance to bad rubbish!

@reztheson; My wedding was only my wife’s family and my friend (my family couldn’t attend because I live in England). After the court wedding we all went to a restaurant and that was it. I spent only £200 on my wedding and I have been married for 8 years 🤷🏿‍♂️.


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