Man identifies woman arrested for drug trafficking as his neighbour, claims her husband was also a drug trafficker

March 11th, 2022

A Kenyan man, Alvin Kanindo has shared an interesting story in reaction to the arrest of a woman over alleged drug trafficking.

The Department of Criminal Investigations, DCI, in a report, revealed that two women were arrested while transporting marijuana to Nairobi.

Photos of the women identified as Caroline Mariwa and Nancy Wangare were shared on Twitter by DCI which also narrated what ensued before their arrest.

”End of The Road For Bhang Traffickers

”Two women have been arrested this evening for drug trafficking and a consignment of Marijuana that they were ferrying to Nairobi impounded.

Caroline Mariwa & Nancy Wangare were ferrying over 6 sacks packed with stones of bhang from Busia, headed to Nairobi, when detectives finally caught up with them. The product had been neatly arranged in a grey Toyota Wish, KBS 156S, being driven by one of the ladies.

”Prior to their arrest, the duo had engaged Transnational & Organized Crimes (TOCU) detectives in a high-octane

highway race, with the lady behind the steering exhibiting all signs of a Formula 1 finalist. In a bid to evade Police roadblocks and deliver their supply successfully, the traffickers had taken the long Nakuru-Nyahururu-Nyeri-Murang’a highway.

However, detectives acting on information received via our #FichuakwaDCI hotline intercepted the vehicle at Saba Saba, leading to the dramatic chase and arrest of the duo. They are currently being processed at DCI headquarters for arraignment in court tomorrow,” it wrote.

Reacting to the news, Alvin revealed that the taller woman in a white T-shirt is his neighbour and she was following in the footsteps of her husband, who was also an alleged drug trafficker.

According to him, the woman’s husband died in a similar situation during a high speed chase while trying to evade police.

Taking to Twitter, he quoted the DCI’s report and wrote;

”The taller woman is my neighbor back in the village. Sadly, she lost her husband in a similar manner some years back when he tried to out maneuver the police in a hot chase, he veered off the road eventually leading to his death.”


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