Man left heartbroken after finding out his wife is cheating on him with his sister

March 16th, 2022

A Nigerian lawyer has shared the sordid story of a man who was left totally heartbroken and filed for divorce after finding out his wife was unfaithful.

The shocking part of the story is that she was cheating on him with his own sister. And it did not end there as he discovered that his sister was also connecting his wife with sugar daddies

@Hugo_Chiez shared their story as part of a series of hilarious and shocking court cases.

He wrote; ‘One that keeps bursting my head is the divorce case of a couple. The wife was cheating on the husband with his own sister.

The sister was also pimping the wife out to sugar daddies and they did org**s at some other times. Omo.”

He also revealed that the man took custody of the child after the divorce.

Tweep @CakeMaestro042 asked; Omo! How the man wan do now? Kai!

@Hugo_Chiez responded; ”He divorce am. Took custody of the children.”

Reacting, @_Jhonathon said; Pardon!? Hey God! Make dem just blow trumpet abeg

@Ola24_7; Which kind tragedy, confused, comedy, dabaru story be this, this Omo no be here, I’m still confused. Side chic of wife is husband sister.


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