An Oyibo man has gone viral marked his birthday by purchasing iPhones for all his long time friends.

He took all of them to a device store on the day he clocked a new age and bought an iPhone 11 for each of them.

A video circulating online captures him handing over the same model and colour of smartphone to each of his old buddies.

The beneficiaries of his largesse included men and women of different ages and they all looked really excited inside the store.

Watch the video below:


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A post shared by King Tunde Ednut (@mufasatundeednut)

iamtrinityguy; This is what I will love to do for my birthday this year,God bless me before then 🙏🙏🙏🙏

official_thez; I don’t have such friends…..But I want to be that friend who will be a blessing in the life of everyone around me

tech_overwatch; Those are actually iphone 11 pro max. But he’s a good friend 😍

its_tegadominic; Wow, why so much friends? 🥸

iyaboojofespris; @olufunmi_aj @divalicious_mbl_mrs_o @shantizworld when are you ladies taking me out 😂😂😂

mc_lively; @_timini Do you see what your friends are doing for their friends

morgan_dmw; 😂😂😂 I have friends who don do more than this 🤞🏿 abii make I tag em ? 🤔

lastking_arizona; All this people commenting na iPhone 11 Pro Max and so? Even if it’s iPhone 11pm do you know how much it will cost him for all? at least he did tried more. Abi you think say iPhone 11 pm na small money? I dey ask all these foolish people wey dey make fun of the guy, you fit buy am give all your friend? Let’s celebrate and appreciate the little from others.

fredycj; I have few people like this. At least dem Dey give me big money on my birthday. May God continue to bless them🙏🏻❤️

official_ewahtomi; Na friend wey go buy me phone I Dey find like this cox this iphone 5 don tire me 😢😢