Man with ‘Zazuu’ hairstyle cries out after being assaulted by area boys who mistook him for Portable (Video)

March 12th, 2022

A man who dresses like Portable and rocks the same hairstyle, has lamented after he got mobbed by area boys who thought he was the singer.

He was fuming at a female driver who drove him towards the Ajah area of Lagos, where the area boys spotted him and extorted him.

The young guy claims that the street touts collected his phone and physically assaulted him simply because they thought he was someone he isn’t.

He had an exchange with the driver because he had apparently warned her to avoid the area but she still past the place and his fears became reality.

She was addressing him as Zazuu and he was not okay with her calling him by that name as it has already out him in trouble.

Watch video HERE



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