Tiktok celebrity, Instagram personality, entrepreneur, and fitness influencer Miranda Cohen was born on March 21, 1996, and she currently resides in the United States. She is currently one of the fitness figures with the most rapid rise to prominence. She has almost one million followers on the Tiktok app, where she posts short films she has created. Additionally, she is just as popular and active on the social media platform Instagram.

Every year on March 21st, the day Miranda Cohen was born into an American family in the United States, her birthday is celebrated with family and friends. Her birth sign is Aries, which also happens to be her nickname. Miranda is her name. She received her high school diploma from a private institution in her hometown, where she attended all four years. However, Cohen has not disclosed any information on her pursuit of further education. She is said to have graduated from Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition.

A very talented fitness social media star, Miranda Cohen’s name is Miranda Cohen. The vast majority of her admirers are intrigued to learn whether or not she is dating anyone at the moment. According to the findings of our investigation, it has been determined that her relationship status at the present time is that she is single. In point of fact, she has never even been married. Within the last few years, she has been romantically involved with at least one different person. Having said that, she has made the decision to not make any public statements regarding them.


Miranda is a citizen of the United States of America, yet she has a diverse ethnic background. In spite of the fact that she was raised in a Christian household, she has not provided any information whatsoever about her parents or siblings on the internet as of yet. She is solely interested in sharing stuff that is linked to fitness because she is an influencer. She does not discuss much about her family on her Instagram stories, even though she does post the day-to-day activities that she participates in.

The amount of $800,000 that Miranda Cohen has in her net worth (estimated). Her primary means of financial support come from businesses and sponsorships. As a fitness influencer who has tremendous success across a variety of social media channels, she is frequently seen collaborating with a variety of different businesses. At the moment, she is receiving financial support from three different businesses, notably 1st Phorm, Megafit Meals, and Flag Nor Fail in that order. After she left this, she went on to work for other brands, such as Stori and Lululemon, among others. Before beginning her employment with 1st Phorm, she held a position with Alani Nutrition. On the other hand, she resigned from her position at the firm and even created a video about her decision on YouTube.

Since she was a little girl, Miranda had the ambition to launch her own company. In the year 2016, she made the final decision to launch her business, which is known as MirandaCohenFit. While she was in the process of launching the company in November of 2016, she even produced a video with the title “MDF – A New Beginning.” This indicates that she launched the firm long before she became well-known on social media platforms. Under the training area of the official website, there are two options: private coaching and dreamfit monthly. You may choose any one of these.