Funny video – female corpers defeated male corpers in Tug of War

March 8th, 2022

Female corp members at an orientation camp are being hailed for defeating their male counterparts in Tug of War.

A video posted on Instagram by GossipMill, shows the female corpers by the right and male by the left.

The women were able to successfully pull the men over the drawn line thereby winning them at the game.

One of the platoon captains was spotted shaking his head in disappointment after seeing the women defeat the men.

See the video HERE

Reacting, theonlyforbesprodigy wrote; They did 30 ladies to 15 guys and u were expecting the guys to win haba… I thought we are fighting for equality?

remyleeobi; When are dey going to go help Ukraine

poly_ib_studioboi; People wey never chop morning food 😂

kriss_onos2; Can’t you see the size of the women?😂😂

iamkingdinero1; 😂😂 Them Dey look BIG BRESS , if na me sef na ground the babes go take drag me 😂😂😂😂

same_henrie; The boys allowed the girls to win in celebration of International women’s day 2022 👏


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