Hilarious moment when motorist, bus conductor and passenger exchanges blows on the streets of Lagos [Funny video]

March 9th, 2022

A Royal Rumble fight of sorts broke out on the streets of Lagos after a bus conductor refused to let a passenger alight at his stop.

The fight which began inside a commercial bus ended up becoming a public spectacle on a busy road. It all started because the conductor refused to allow a male passenger alight, so he forced his way out of the bus.

They started getting physical with each other as the conductor lifted the passenger and at some point, a man whose car was hit during the fight stepped out and joined them in throwing blows.

The other passengers in the bus watched in utter amazement as a situation that started so small escalated into a public display of violence.

Watch video below:

In reaction, @Morris_Monye wrote; Everybody is angry in Lagos. Even Camry man came down to blow that guy for mouth.

@hey_jorkeh; Lmao the other guy who collected the slippers literally came from nowhere to fight

@the_writa; Just look at the vehicle people are plying daily. Looks like a metal vision of pain and suffering. At what point did Nigerians decide its OK to start boarding these hopeless contraptions?

@Geraldcake; This guy collected from everywhere 😭😭 E no get wetin them no do this man I swear 😭😭


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