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Emmanuel Mathye is a member of the group Murumba Pitch and contributes vocals. The famous actor spent his childhood in the city of Shayandima in the province of Limpopo. After completing his secondary education in Shayandima, he proceeded to Pretoria in the province of Gauteng to continue his education. “All things considered, I had a very wonderful upbringing. I am a man that was brought up by my mother, and she did a fantastic job of shaping me into the greatest man that I can be. “Things went downhill throughout my adolescent years, but as far as I can recall, I had nothing but wonderful experiences during my youth,” he stated.

The second player on the squad, she is a bit younger but just as good. He was brought up in Nkomazi, which is located in Mpumalanga, in the areas that are close to the Lebombo Border. He is also a South African musician who specializes in amapiano songs.

It is reported that the second member of the team grew up in the city of Shayandima in the province of Limpopo. He then relocated to Pretoria in the province of Gauteng to continue his studies and graduated from high school there. He also stated that he has been playing the drums for his church since he was a youngster.

He admitted in the past that his mother was the one who brought him up and helped shape him into the most ideal version of himself.

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Nkomazi is a town in Mpumalanga, South Africa, and is located in the vicinity of the Lebombo Boundary.

But, we do not know if the two of them attended the same church when they were younger, nor do we know how they first became acquainted with one another.

Emmanuel, whose name appears on the roster as the first member of the club, is 27 years old.

Whereas Innocent, who we have placed as the second, has reached the age of 21,

This information was gathered in February of 2022, and it reveals that Emmanuel is six years older than his companion.

The years 1995 and 2001 were therefore the years of their births respectively.

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In addition, it should be mentioned that the Amapiano artists Murumba Pitch have previously secured a music record contract with Sony Music entertainment. Emmanuel Mathye and Innocent “Maeywon” Mongolo, are from Limpopo and Mpumalanga respectively.