Zambian-born actress and social media star Mwizukanji. She shares a daughter with her ex-boyfriend, popularly known as Yo Maps in Zambia.

Mwizukanji is a well-known actress in Zambia who is also well-known on social media for her numerous interviews posted on her Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.

Kidist Kifle issued a public apology to Mwizukanji earlier today for all of the negative things that she had previously said about her husband’s ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of his children.

Kidist pleaded Mwizukanji’s forgiveness and requested her to allow her (Kidist Kifle) an opportunity to be a stepmother to Bukata, Mwizukanji’s daughter with Yo Maps. Mwizukanji agreed to do both of these things.

According to Kidist Kifle, all that she wants is for her daughter, Yo Maps, to have the opportunity to have a relationship with Bukata as if they were sisters given that their father is the same.

As part of his response, Yo Maps requested that Mwizukanji refrain from posting anything to do with their child on any form of social media. This was in response to a post that Mwizukanji had made in which she expressed concern that her daughter may suffer from malnutrition because her father is not adequately caring for her.

Mwizukanji acknowledged the apologies offered by Kidist Kifle and her baby daddy in a brief statement on Facebook. He also wished Kidist Kifle and her baby daddy the best of luck in their relationship moving forward.

“We accept your apology, and we wish you and your sweetheart nothing but the best in all that you do.” “If you boil it all down, life is really one huge lesson, and we never stop learning,” she explained.

She then contacted Kidist Kifle and requested that he watch Bukata for the upcoming weekend so that she could go out and relax.

Someone should give the person an award for saying that “forgiveness is for your own peace.”
The final page has been turned on a chapter that provides a summary of everything distasteful that was presented to me from either a place of honesty or hatred.
We appreciate your apology, and we wish you and your sweetheart all the very best in your future endeavors.
In a nutshell, life is one enormous lesson, and we are always gaining new knowledge.
I wish and pray that whatever you two decide to do will be successful.
Please bring me the cake, because I’ve been having “dangerous desires” recently, Mummy. This coming weekend, it’s your turn to watch the kids, and I’d really like to get out of the house and hang out in the pool.
If she ever breaks down in tears, you should ask father Yo Maps Yo to sing komando to her.