My wife went back to her family because things were tough and they returned the drink I used for introduction – Man shares

March 1st, 2022

A Ghanaian man has taken to social media to narrate how his wife left him when he was having financial challenges.

He revealed that she went to back to stay with her mum and told him that that she was doing so because things were not going smoothly.

According to the man identified as Kojo Dela, he was shocked when they sent back the Schnapps he gave them during the introductory rites.

He shared the story on Twitter while responding to a post by a Twitter user who asked;

”What is the dumbest reason why someone broke up with you?”

In response, Dela wrote; ”My own wife said “things are not well with me so she staying with her mum till things come back to normal” the next thing my schnapps was brought back to me.”

Another Twitter @ForeignerBk suggested; When things fall in place. Take her back, just that this time string her along and let her realise why we name hurricanes after people.

But Kojo said; ”My brother there is no revenge better than a silent day and night on your peaceful bed waking up feeling the God’s hands on u moving u on. Let her be there”



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