Nigerian lady shares tip on how women can avoid splitting bills while on a date

March 15th, 2022

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share what she termed as an excuse for women to escape paying bills when they go out with a guy.

She said that men expect women to split the bill 50/50 while on a date, but it is wrong for the mere fact that he will most likely be older than her.

The young woman who revealed that she is a feminist noted that by order of seniority, the man is supposed to give a higher amount or settle the entire bill himself, and women should start using this to justify why they would not split the bill if the man asks.

She also said that any man who expects a younger lady to spilt the bill with him, is a shameless person.

Using herself as a case study, she said that whenever she goes out with her younger siblings she pays for whatever they buy.

Watch her speak HERE


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