Nigerian lady calls out female boss for sacking her after allegedly snatching her fiancé

April 21st, 2022

A Nigerian lady identified as Ashley Nwosu has taken to microblogging platform, Twitter to call out her former employer for allegedly treating her unfairly.

She accused the ex-boss known as Christabel of snatching her fiancé despite all the sacrifices she made for the woman’s business.

Ashley said she worked for two years and within that period, she worked for free because the business was struggling for sometime only for Christable to snatch her fiancé and sack her afterwards.

In her words; ”My boss (she’s on this twitter) who I worked for, for two good years. Built with her from the scratch. When the business was failing I worked for her for free, until she was finally able to pay.

What did she pay me back with? Snatched my Fiancé and fired me while at it. Humans!”

Christabel came across the tweet and replied; ”These are strong allegations… hope you’ll be able to defend this in court?”

The disgruntled ex-employee then responded by saying that she did not mention her name yet she already exposed herself.

”I didn’t even mention you, you exposed yourself already.

And jsyk, you’ve got nothing on my free speech anymore.

I don’t work for you and you can’t control my actions.

I haven’t even told the world the whole story. Wait for it,” she said.

Sharing her side of the story, the employer said she never dated the man in question, and all she did was to help him leave the abusive relationship he was in with Ashley.

Christable said; ”Let me make this clear. I never dated him, All I felt for him was concern.

The therapist advised him to leave the abusive relationship he had with Chidinma. I checked up on him often though and he tried to kiss me on several occasions but I DECLINED.

I knew it wasn’t right. That was when I decided to cut off all communications with him cos he wouldn’t stop asking. Chidinma on the other hand, found out I helped her man to leave the abusive relationship he had with her. She showed up at the bakery and –

The insults combined with the constant theft made me to conclude that it was over. That was when I ended whatever I had with her. She’s been telling everyone I snatched her man and fired her, but that wasn’t the case. I liberated him and my company.”


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