Nigerian man reveals his wife was being persuaded by feminists to divorce him

March 3rd, 2022

A Nigerian man residing in the United Kingdom has opened up on how his wife filed for a divorce after feminists persuaded her to leave him.

The man shared his story with human rights activist, Segun Awosanya aka Segalink, who was also the primary reason that feminists advised his wife to file for divorce.

He is a supporter and follower of Segalink, but being that the activist is anti-feminism, the feminists urged his wife to dump him.

According to him, his wife said that she can no longer be with him because he sees Segalink as a hero.

Sharing screenshots of his chat with the man, Sega wrote;

”You don’t even know the depth of evil of these people. A young man based in the UK once contacted me stating how his wife was told to file for divorce by the Coven because he (the husband) follows & retweets me. These are diabolically deranged folks…”

Read screenshots below:


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