Nigerian comedian, Otaghware Onodjayeke, professionally known as I Go Save, has said that the primary aim of comedians is to make people forget about their pains, sorrows and worries.

He stated this in an interview while also explaining that they as stand up acts and on screen comics do not mock people intentionally.

I Go Save said comedians are aware that making people laugh at events is the key to getting more gigs so they will go to any length to provoke laughter even if it entails crossing the line at times.

Our primary goal is to make Nigerians forget about their pains - Comedian, I Go Save - i go save forget pain 2

He said; “I don’t think comedians intentionally come out to mock people in the name of stand-up comedy. In every field, we have the young ones who are still learning and finding their roots. They may cross the line sometimes but as they grow, they would learn. No comedian comes out to make people feel bad about themselves, when the essence of a comedian’s craft is to make people laugh.

“We are out to make people forget about their pains, sorrows and all the things that bother them. Comedians know that if they do not make people laugh at a particular event, they would not get other opportunities. In stand-up comedy, one must be careful about telling jokes that would offend people. That is when professionalism comes in.”

Speaking on his growth in the comedy business, I Go Save noted that he has not attained the height he wishes to reach to reach to see himself as a successful stand-up comedian.

He added that the industry has metamorphosed but it has also not grown to the level that he wants it to be.

The comic actor said; “The comedy industry has not got to the level I want it to be, but it is not where it used to be. Stand-up comedy has metamorphosed. In those days, people needed comedians at all kinds of events because they added flavour and life to those places.

“The comedy industry is growing and booming. The comedians who are working hard and upgrading their crafts are cashing out. Many people have taken it as a career, and it has provided many jobs. It is a lucrative business.”