Penny Ntuli is a popular figure on radio stations in South Africa and works as a disc jockey. When she was a youngster, she had the ambition to one day work for a prominent radio station.

Penny Ntuli is South African and hails from the town of Umlazi in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. The current 26-year-old has aspirations from childhood of working for a prestigious radio station with legendary figures.

Gagasi FM, a regional commercial radio station, welcomed her as a new employee on May 1, 2022. Before she was hired here, she was previously employed at the local community radio station Inanada FM.

Ntuli has collaborated with well-known figures in the industry, such as Alex Mthiyane and Felix Hlophe. She is so passionate about becoming a disc jockey that it hardly seems like she is working at all. It has given her the opportunity to collaborate with some of the industry’s most renowned figures.

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The talented individual expressed her unwillingness to contemplate the many outcomes in an interview with the Daily Sun. She doesn’t let her thoughts wander beyond the present moment.

A number of years ago, her ideal job would have been at a prominent radio station; nevertheless, she is now in the position of her dreams. So, achieving future goals is not a priority right now.

She has previous experience working for several community radio stations, including Durban Youth Radio and Vibe FM, prior to joining the Gagasi FM team.

Penny is the host of a show on Gagasi FM called Ziyakhala, which airs on the weekends.

Penny Ntuli is notorious for keeping her spouse and family a closely guarded secret. She is a young girl who does not partake in the use of alcoholic beverages, despite the fact that she has acquaintances who do. Because she works in marketing, she often interacts with people who partake in alcoholic beverages.

Penny Ntuli just purchased a BMW 4 Series and shared a photo of it on her social media accounts. It quickly became widespread with kind wishes. She posted a video of herself picking up the new vehicle, and many of her followers expressed their happiness for her.

The radio disk jockey has over 539,000 followers on TikTok, 54,677 followers on Instagram, and 485,000 followers on Facebook.

These platforms serve as a way for her to connect with her fans and followers. She posts about her work highlights, achievements, and upcoming shows.