Habeeb Okikiola (born March 12, 1994) is the most recent face to emerge from Nigeria’s indigenous rap scene. Portable Omolalomi is the industry moniker for the Yoruba-born rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Portable, making music for a while, recently struck gold when he collaborated with Poco Lee and Olamide on the hit single, Zazuu Zeh. The song, which is currently at the top of several music charts in the country, has catapulted Portable into the spotlight and earned him the admiration of fans of indigenous rap in the country. The self-proclaimed Son Of Shaku Shaku, Street Problem, Portablebaeby, and Wahala Musician has joined the ranks of the country’s rising artists. Portable Omolalomi was born on March 12, 1994, in the ancient city of Abeokuta, Nigeria. He was named Habeeb Okikiola a week after his birth and was born in Ogun State, southwest Nigeria, to Mr. and Mrs. Okikiola, a Yoruba family.

Portable Omolalomi and his siblings were raised in Abeokuta by their parents, Muslims like their father and mother. Growing up in Abeokuta meant that Portable Omolalomi became fluent in the Yoruba language at a young age. It was the medium through which he communicated with his parents, school and neighborhood friends, and extended family members.

Portable Omolalomi is 27 years old as of today.  He resided in the Mainland part of Lagos before but recently moved to the island – Lekki. He lives in a spacious apartment in a high-rise neighborhood in Lekki. 

Though he is yet to unveil her identity to the public, he is currently in a serious relationship with a beautiful young lady named Opeyemi. He visits Ogun State from time to time to see his parents and siblings.

Portable Omolalomi did not miss out on the opportunity to receive a good education as a child. His parents made sure that he attended top public schools in Abeokuta for elementary and secondary school.

However, he decided against furthering his education at the university and instead pursued vocational training at a training institute.

Recognizing that he would have a better chance of success in the industry if he lived in the heart of it, Portable Omolalomi relocated to Lagos State, Africa’s music capital. While in Lagos, Portable Omolalomi sought out producers to collaborate, as he was constantly writing new rap songs. However, he kept a 9-5 job as an artisan on the mainland of Lagos to pay his bills. Although he had recorded a couple of songs that did poorly commercially, Portable Omolalomi was unafraid to pursue his dream of becoming an A-list artist in the industry.

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Fortune recently smiled on him when he had a chance meeting with his music idol, Olamide. It was an emotional moment for Portable, who burst into tears as he knelt and sobbed in front of Olamide’s legs. Fortunately for Portable Omolalomi, Olamide recognized his talent and invited him to join an ongoing collaboration project with dancer and recording artist Poco Lee. The project gave birth to Zazuu Zeh’s song, which became an instant hit. Portable has risen to prominence due to the song’s catchy lyrics and the phrase, Zazuu Zeh, which have gone viral in the industry. Since the song’s success, Portable Omolalomi has received numerous requests for collaboration from industry heavyweights.

Ever since Portable Omolalomi broke into the industry, his followership on social media has skyrocketed.

Currently, he has over 255k followers on Instagram.

Instagram handle: @portable_omolalomi1

Portable Omolalomi’s success as a musician means that he constantly receives invitations to perform at music shows and concerts in the country. He also receives royalties when his fans stream or download his works online.

His net worth is estimated to be valued at around US$2,000-US$30,000.