Purplespeedy is a phenomenal TikTok Star, dancer, content creator, social media influencer, and brand ambassador. Purple Speedy has been a TikToker since the Corona Virus Pandemic lockdown in December 2020. Stay tuned to the end of this article to know the fullest about Purplespeedy.

Purplespeedy, whose real name is Peace Pever Anpee, is a multitalented content creator best known as a dancer in a purple dress on the video-sharing platform TikTok. Her love of the color purple and the fact that she is continually repeating the mantra “Purple Is Royalty” are the backstory to how she came to be known as Purple Speedy or Royal Speedy.

Purplespeedy was born on the 10th of December, 1998 thereby making her 23 years of age at this moment of writing.

here has been some debate over whether or not she is indeed as old as she claims, and we’ll set the record straight. By 2022, Peace Pever Anpee should be 24 years old, according to the calendar.

But she won’t be able to officially celebrate turning another year older until December 31st. That is to say, from now on, she will refrain from declaring that she is 24 years old and will instead declare that she is 23.

As of today, Purple Speedy is 23 years old; by the 10th of December 2022, she will have turned 24.

Purplespeedy, also known as Peace Pever Anpee, originates from the North Central region of Nigeria, more specifically Gboko, which is located in the state of Benue and is recognized as the food basket of the nation. Peace Pever Anpee, also known as Famous Purple Speedy, is a member of the TIV tribe, which is located in Benue State in Nigeria.

Purple Speedy received her primary education in Gboko, where she was born and raised. And continued her study at WM Bristow Secondary School, which is also situated in Gboko, where she received her secondary education and graduated.

She is a student at the Nasarawa state university in Keffi (Nsuk), where she is now pursuing a degree in Guidance and Counseling. Unfortunately, she is one of the hundreds of Nigerian students who are staying at home because of the strike being caused by ASUU. The disagreement that exists between the body in question and the federal government is the root cause of the association’s ongoing strike.

It is believed that she is in a romantic relationship with her colleague, a fellow TikTok Star whose real name is Chinye Elijah but is more famously known as Crispdal. Although this information about Purple Speedy has not been confirmed and remains a rumor, it is believed that she is in a relationship with him.

Additionally, was thought that she had previously been involved in a romantic connection with Itz fynext. Even though it is generally accepted that he is her former boyfriend.

Purplespeedy Height & Weight

Purple Speedy has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches, and although her weight is not known for certain, it is estimated that she weighs somewhere around 57 kilograms at the moment.

When the globe was on lockdown in December 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Purple Speedy discovered the TikTok app and uploaded her first video.

Even though her post received almost no attention or likes, Purplespeedy took some time away from social media before returning to TikTok in January 2021, at which point classes may commence. Although Purplespeedy returned to her studies, she never stopped uploading and sharing content to TikTok.

Purplespeedy, aka Peace Pever Anpee, began her career in content creation and dancing as a TikToker, where she met her coach, Itz fynext TikTok, who was subsequently rumored to be her boyfriend.

Itz fynext As luck would have it attended the same university as Peace Pever Anpee. They made a few dance videos on school grounds at first, and now they make hundreds of dance videos on TikTok in any available space at school during their free time.

Purplespeedy, or Peace Pever Anpee, began gaining fans and recognition through her verified TikTok channel. However, her dance videos went viral on the social media app TikTok, gaining her a large number of imitators.

Peace Pever Anpee went from having less than ten followers at the start of 2021 to having more than 200k by the end of the year.

Purple Speedy is a social media influencer, which means that she has the responsibility to be active on as many social media platforms as is humanly possible, and she has made it possible for her to do so. This a friendly reminder that the very top of this material contains all of her social media handles can be found there. In this area, we are only going to provide you with a limited amount of information regarding her various social media profiles. The prominent content producer is quite social on Facebook, where she has more than 700 friends. In addition, Purple Speedy has over 618 thousand followers on TikTok. However, Instagram disabled her official account after it reached 63 thousand followers, and she was unable to recover it. The new Instagram account she just created has fewer than 5,000 followers. You may also contact her through her Twitter account, which is @purplespeedy. Although we have not been able to independently verify Purple Speedy’s net worth, our best guess is that it is around $20,000. She secures lucrative ambassadorial deals and uses her social media influence to earn money for many products.