Today on Empireloaded, I will be making some highlights on the situation why your boss at your work place won’t let you go and be your own boss.

Firstly, I want you to know that every business which you think is blooming and doing well in the financial markets is not because of it’s reputation or standards. It simply because of it’s well monitored management and the laborers or workers in charge was keeping it growing in profits with their fullest energy.

And if all bosses won’t want their employees to leave and be their own boss, then automatically we won’t have much bosses around us. Either way, if your boss is holding you because of his selfishness and meant it in a way of drawing you back from your goals then you are on the right place to learn how to let go of him if he/she won’t let you go.

I will be listing five points of which may be the reason why your boss will not want you to leave his/her job:

When you are Hard working: The Yoruba’s will always say “A Child that work hard will have his/her enjoyment moment”. This means that if you are the type that works hard at your work place then your boss won’t have any other options than to retain you as a tool that keep his/her business moving forward.

When you are Loved by your company Clients: They always said Love is above things because when you are loved by everything on earth you won’t even look at bad sides for a moment.

When you possesses the ability to manage well: if you are the type that manages well even when it’s not in the business niche, then I can say your boss wouldn’t like the fact that you going to leave his job.

When you are Trustworthy: To be trusted by a person’s boss is the most important and amazing thing to know, when you can be trusted with let say millions of money in your hands then your boss won’t have any or other options than to trust and keep you.
When you are Accountable: When you know how much you will make or rather predict the loss you will incure if there is an inflation in the process of materials you need for the month.

The conditions above are real life experience I had when I was working as a salary earner. If you are in this situation and find it hard to give yourself the freedom you want the factors above are what making you one way or the other still living under your bosses captive.

Seriously no boss would pray an employee to leave his/her job simply because you want to go and have your own life, especially when you have all those factors I listed out which will increase the chance of your boss not wanting to let you go.

I hope I have been able to solve your quest of this particular topic one way or thee other. Drop you view on this and get back to me using the CONTACT US page.