Ruth Matthew admits to lying, reveals she had sent one of her sons and the missing child, Testimony, on an errand when he went missing

March 29th, 2022

Over the past days, the news of a disabled woman, Ruth Matthew, whose child went missing 3 years ago at Mercy City, a popular church in Warri, Delta State, founded by popular preacher, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, has kept many eager to see to the end of it.

Although the Nigerian Police had dismissed the case stating that the allegations “were inconsistent with the truth”, the case however resurfaced after people started standing up for her to seek justice. The development had led the church to file a suite in court, stating that there was need to put a final stop to the matter.

Ruth had alleged that Fufeyin had taken one of her sons identified as Testimony after she brought four of them to his church during a programme. According to her, she had brought the four children before the man of God whom she claimed was surprised she had the four boys.

In her first narration, Ruth had stated that Testimony was taken from her during her meeting with Prophet Jeremiah. However during a call with a South African media personality known as Proof Ex who has been helping her to use his media platform to seek justice for her missing child, Ruth confessed to have lied in her initial narration about the child being taken from her during her meeting with the prophet.

In her confession, she blamed herself for the incident, revealing that she had sent one of her sons identified as Triumph to show two unidentified ladies where Indomie Instant Noodles is sold outside the church premise. She revealed Triumph however went with the missing child, Testimony, but then returned without him. According to her, Testimony was taken by the 2 ladies who boarded a keke napep outside the church with the child and sent back Triumph who is also a kid to tell her they were coming back.

Asked why she had lied in her initial narration, Ruth said a Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) pastor in Warri whom she stated was her father’s pastor had advised her to twist the story to protect herself as she would be held responsible for the missing child if she had came out clean.

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