A Nigerian school student is being hailed for doing what was expected of adults during a publicly captured assault on a woman.

The swift acting young boy came to the rescue of a woman who was being flogged with a belt over an unknown issue.

A video making the rounds online shows when the car conveying the student and his peers drove along the road where the woman was being whipped.

On seeing the despicable act, the kid immediately alighted from the vehicles and rushed to the woman’s defence.

The reason he earned the respect of social media users was because other adults were watching the whipping happen until the boy intervened.

While it was one man who flogged the woman with a belt, there was another who kept shouting at her and when the student waded in, they tried to bully him. After sometime, he walked back to the car he had jumped down from.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, @Oluomoofderby; Sometimes i ask myself what type of men do we have in our society. 60% of Nigerian men in UK prisons today are in prison for domestic violence and most of them will be deported back to Nigeria.

We need strong laws to protect women in our society. I hope he gets arrested. There were two men who confronted.”

@TKypje; God almighty pls give that boy scholarship from no where , he his the man of the moment , not those mumu that stay there and watch that man flog the woman , imagine if the woman was there mother wife or relatives, normally woman get bad mouth , but this is not fair atall 😰

@Ahmed____234; What did she do? What’s the full story? What if she tried to kidnap a little baby around the area What if she was caught stealing? What did she do? Until we know what she did, make una keep una emotions in check!

@mimispeaks; Bless that boy’s heart. Gosh! See how he raced there to stop him. Please give him his flowers cos he’s a true hero.

@jowizi101; They are two women there supporting what the man is doing ofc you won’t blame them

@Jessica_Egbedi; Flogging a woman like that, those men stood there watching. Only that school boy could intervene, wonderful

@creme_pearlie; I’m angry.. see adults standing around and he is flogging a woman that’s not fighting back.. took a young boy to stop them. Hmm.