Moment Another Security man goes viral with his dance moves outside a club [Video]

March 8th, 2022

Something that is fast becoming a trend is security officers dancing on duty while being so lost in the moment.

A security officer who works at a night club in South Africa was recently filmed dancing just outside the building, at his duty.

The man busted some amazing dance moves in rhythm to the song, that one would think he’s a professional dancer.

He seemed so entertained by the music being played inside that he danced so carefreely and some persons in the club watched him with keen interest.

The scene which reportedly took place in Durban, South Africa sparked reactions after going viral.

Watch video HERE

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See how social media users reacted..

Kobus Möller said: Give that man an ice-cold one next time please, he deserves it.

Boakye II : You better let him in! He’s a VIBE!!

ndumisosabelond97 : The guy is pulling too expensive moves.

Talisa Swemmer : He didn’t miss a beat.

Dee commented: Don’t need to pay to have a jol.

a m a n d a : HE IS THE PARTY.

Jessi : Should’ve invited him in!

user2905913692279 : You mean when the best dancer at the party is outside watching the cars…


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