South African lady displays her four certificates during bride price negotiation

April 5th, 2022

A South African lady has depicted her worth during an introductory rite and bride price negotiation also known as Lobola.

Lobola is a Swahili word that means “bride price” or bride wealth” and it is commonly used by people in South Africa, Zimbabwe as well as some South and East African countries.

Lobola negotiation is a process of presentation of a payment made by the prospective groom to the bride’s family.

A lady has shown that she is a worthy wife material who would not settle for anything less than she deserves.

During a recent Lobola negotiation, she publicly displayed her four certificates to the prospective suitor’s family as a way of telling them that her bride price would not be cheap.

South African man simply known Ramushu shared the story of the bride-to-be.

The Lobola (bride price) payment which is usually made shortly before the marriage can also come in the form of cattle.

However, If the man is unable to make the payment, the head of his family is allowed to undertake the process on his behalf.


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