By this time of this article you should know that students rate of failing academically has been caused my many reasons which its remedies will be disclosed here today.

Irrespective of where and what you are studying, these steps will one way or the other help you achieve upper hand academically. So do ready for steps to carry out when you think you are out of the game academically (failed).

The steps included:

1. Study: Not the definition, No, study here means you should really mean business and stop joking around calling it studying. Some students will have themselves concentrate on other things but unfortunately they will be left with a little time to check their notes for once. You should remember that your number one purpose you are schooling is to STUDY and your primary objective in short.

2. Study extensively: There is a saying that say “LIFE IS A RACE”, its not supposed to be used here but as a student deep down inside of you DO COMPETE WITH OTHER. This has really help some students who read above the level they’ve been taught. Imagine yourself has a competition among all students and tell yourself “I AM AMONG THOSE WHOM THEY WILL RECOGNIZE HAS A WINNER”, to do that you need to go beyond what you have been taught.

3. Practicing: This method will help you in remembering what you have been taught easily and has really helped more than 65% of the students. E.g if you are taught how to interact with a buyer in a market theoretically then for you to really know how this works you need to practice this one on one with anybody in the market. That’s how it works, do these and find yourself winning already.

4. Relations: This simply implies that the kind of people you move with also determine the level of your academic grades. Do companion yourself with people you know they don’t joke when it comes to academic, and find yourself winning with them already.

5. Organize a Group reading: To do these also requires method in terms of people you categorize for a group reading i.e people that won’t really be so dulling your morale of studying should be selected for this. Also the minimum people your can select for group reading should range from 2 to 5.

6. Schedule yourself: No need of much explanation on this, because you already know that if you won’t schedule your time then you are not on the winners list not only academically but also financially, physically e.t.c If you are the kind that likes to study alone then set alarm for yourself that you won’t joke with.

7. Eliminate Distractions: Distraction is a kind of element or substance that makes one loose focus totally. So if you are either a student or businessman then you need to eliminate anything that may be hindering you in concentrating on what you really need exactly.

8. Use of the Internet: One of the greatest medium in getting fast information on any thing is the use of Internet (Google). This has been so useful since decades and will still be available for use as the globe is moving unto the technology world. Students can make use of this in studying and even beyond what they have in store earlier.

I hope with this article I have been able in one way or the other to help you gather some factors you need to emerges as a winner academically.

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