Thando Acacia is one of Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 Edition. At this moment of writing, the show is presently in its second week of starting. Thando Acacia has proven to be a girl full of vibes within these few weeks. Most of her fans are looking forward to winning the grand prize for the competition. Many scenarios have happened in the House like the shower time loss of their wager task but her fans are still happy that she is free from eviction this week.

In her 30s, Thando is a family-oriented fashion model. Fun, love, freedom of spirit, and taking risks are some of her best qualities. According to her, a foodie would like to create a restaurant serving solely what she enjoys. That’s because food represents what she values most: belonging to a group and sharing a meal.

Art galleries, music festivals, and being a homebody are all things Acacia enjoys doing. As someone who enjoys television, “The Wife” is a show I’ll miss while in the House. She thinks she’s a terrific listener, which is why others so trust her. ‘I can be cheeky,’ she continued.

Since we’re all “incorporating diverse environments,” Miss Mati hopes that her presence in the Biggie’s House will make her more relatable. Being relatable in Biggie’s House is Acacia’s main tactic.

‘I don’t want to slay queen; I have my days where I look swanky and my days where I look like a grocery shopper.’” she remarked in an interview with Vanity Fair. I want to connect with both the girl from Zola and Sandton.

The present networth of Thando Mati is unknown for now, but we promise to keep you updated on anything we have information about her networth.

Thando Mati (Acacia) Big Brother Mzansi Biography