Student who help stranger sacrifices his school fees

March 4th, 2022

A young man James C Okpara made headlines over a post where he narrated how he was blessed by a stranger days after sacrificing his school fees to help his mum and others.

The student of the University of Ibadan, who also works, had revealed in a LinkedIn post, that he used his N25k salary to help settle his mum’s debt and put smiles on the faces of others.

According to him, the money was meant to be used to pay for school fees, and as fate would have it, he received double that amount days later from a man he doesn’t know.

”I was blessed with 50k from a man I don’t even know…..I just walked up to him and his friends and told them my plight……and I was given the cash to assist in paying my tuition fees for this session… third year in school ⚡

PS: Earlier this month, I sacrificed and gave out my 25k salary for the month of January. I gave to my mum to pay her debts and I also gave to other people, just to put smiles on their face. My mum was worried because she knows I’m just a student and that I should have used the money to pay my fees. But I told her that I have faith in God and that He’s going to provide.

Now God doubled the money for me 🙌🙌

God answered my prayers 🙈😭🥺”, he had said.

Speaking with Legit about his act, James revealed that he is always able to give because of the special grace of God in his life.

On how he felt after giving out all his salary even when he needed money to pay his school fees, he said; “My faith in God worked out the courage. And it was also a sacrifice I made. I believed God strongly that He’ll surely provide even though I didn’t know when and how the provision will come.”

The student, further noted that he does not give with the hope of getting anything back. He said that he does the act cheerfully and as a result, God often blesses him in ways he never imagined.


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