Moment Man cries out on behalf of water vendor who dented Mercedes Benz with his truck [Video]

April 8th, 2022

A video which surfaced on social media shows the moment a water truck collided with a Mercedes Benz.

The water truck pusher commonly known in Nigeria as ”Mai Ruwa” seems to have accidentally hit the side of the Benz, and it stuck to the whip.

This forced the car owner to alight and vent, however, passers-by offered to help and they were able to move the truck away from the Benz.

A motorist who captured the incident on tape could be heard crying out in monologue over how the Mai Ruwa would get money to fix the damage done.

”Our Mai Ruwa don scratch Benz oh!

Where Mai Ruwa wan get money pay Benz,” he asked rhetorically.

Watch the clip HERE


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