Reasons millionaires wives may cheat with their gateman – Dr Mensah

March 2nd, 2022

Popular Ghanaian health and lifestyle coach, Dr Mensah has taken to social media to reveal reasons why women who are dating or married to rich men may cheat with the gateman.

Dr Mensah, in a post on Facebook, stated that men should make conscious effort to attend to their health, else the outcome may be disastrous.

He warned millionaires not to be shocked if their wife cheats on them with the security man at the gate.

According to the health advisor, if they are unable to satisfy their wife, then she would seek satisfaction elsewhere, and in some cases it ends up being with the gateman. He noted that it is reason enough for a man to always stay strong.

He wrote; ”You can be a millionaire but your gateman would still use your woman if you can’t satisfy her. Reason a man should stay strong always #DrMensah”.


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